Patterns in Life

Patterns in Life
Sean Oh
Patterns are showing in math. Lots of patterns show in math and logic problems. Patterns bring repetition, reflection, and turning. As considering, Life has patterns, too. There are flowers that look and smell beautiful, but patterns are mostly the reason for it. What patterns bring to the world could change and revolutionize.
Patterns, are repeating things you see with your eyes. They come in many forms. Some have turning pictures at a right angle, and some show differently with a turn of 180 degrees. Some reflect, and some are just copies that just slide over every single time. They show many things.
Say you are walking to the city to find a cool quilt that has cool reflections and designed red and blue. You try to sew it, and it works out very well until—you forgot the reflection. You need to figure out how to do it and turns out it was easy. Usually, It’s easy to do a reflection because the last picture is the flipped version of the last area.
When you have a vase in your hand, what do you usually see? You should see there’s many patterns on the vase. Maybe yours has patterns of just a translation, like the vase seller says. A translation is just a picture and you copy it and paste it every single time until it reaches the circular point.
Patterns are seen everywhere; in flowers, in vases, in drawings and more. There’s one thing that will not go away after time, and that is a pattern.

Patterns in Life

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