3-D Printing

3-D Printing
Sean Oh
Although it might be fine for you right now, time is changing. Technology is taking over the world as more people tend to connect online to see their friends. More electrical powered objects help produce the products we use every day. 3-D printing is no exception. It’s unique, with a new dimension into printing.
Although we might not hate it, printers can only print in two dimensions. This is fine because we don’t need 3-D objects to print. We can buy them at stores. But more technology would come to be. Artificial bones can replace the bones that are badly positioned in their bodies. If you broke a part on your toy, you can bring up a picture of the missing part and 3-D print it and attach it on the toy. It’s useful, and it’s less time consuming than waiting for bones and missing parts of a toy because of shipping.
3-D printing usually takes place on a board where melted plastic is placed on the board and melts at once. They keep on building layers as thin as paper itself until your desired shape is made. Other printers contain powder, which can stick together when hot. A laser is placed on the powder, and it sticks together. The machine makes the first pattern deepen, and they place more powder, and then it creates the next paper-thin layer. It will keep on doing that until the work is done.
There’s much potential in 3-D printing. It can make everyday goods and parts of objects. There is more to come on just what it can do. Could a 3-D printer make something with gears on it? Maybe we can, but the technology is ready to build the 3-D printing in style.

3-D Printing

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