Sean Oh
Cars are one of the most innovative things made. Today, they’ve been enhanced to the max level. The cars we see today are full of technology, fuel efficient, and great for transportation. The story of the car begins 130 years ago.
Back in the 1880’s, cars were expensive and didn’t have a motor. They took a long time to make, and nobody bought them, unless you were rich. It was a toy for them because they didn’t need it because they have what they want.

Then, Henry Ford came. Ford created cars in assembly lines, which made cars cheaper and took less time to make. Henry Ford created his business for cars, Ford. They sold cars such as the Ford Mustang. They also sold trucks, such as the Ford F-150, the Ford Super Duty, the Ford Transit Connect (new), and the Ford Transit (new). New companies were coming in at the time, such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Porsche.
Different types of cars affect the attributes it has, so here are the types: a gasoline car, which runs on gas only. It can produce good mileage, but it needs to be refilled many times, so that was bad. There are electric cars that run on electricity only. The only problem was that they produced even less mileage than a gasoline car, and it would need to be charged daily. But then there’s a hybrid car. The hybrid car produces both gas and electricity, which makes hamful gas less effective to the world. It can use both gas and electricity to go up hills. When the battery for the electricity is low, the gas power stops and refills the battery on a braking point, such as when you’re in traffic.
Cars have revolutionized the world and history is being made today with cars. Cars will never stop coming today and the technology will take the cars to the next level. The car business will not end till the end of time.


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