Sean Oh
Genetics is a complex subject. It determines from our color of our eyes, to our gender. It’s essential for scientists to know this because we may find out why we even exist. How do genetics make you yourself?
You have 23 pairs of chromosomes in your body. Inside those chromosomes, there are DNA strands, that decide your personality and diseases that you will get. In total, there are 46 chromosomes. When you are born, you obtain 23 chromosomes, not pairs, from your mother, and 23 more to make the pair from your father. They decide your personality.
Scientists are trying to figure out how this works because of the reason  this works. People tested pea plants to see what they do when they breeded with each other. They breeded a tall plant with a small plant. They produced only tall plants, but in the next generation, they produced three tall plants and one small short plant. This made the Punnett Square. The Punnett Square was a square that shows that 3 out of 4 plants in the 3rd generation it produced big plants. This is called heredity.
In the year 2000 scientists said that they were going to make a book of the human genome, in which they finished the draft that year. In 2003, the book published and showed the guideline of the genetics of the human body.
Genetics was the key factors for us to live, and now we have the power to do free will. I think genetics will diversify more and more until the subject has become its own. It’s the main power of personalities. It always will.


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