Sean Oh
Yo-Yo-Ma has put his life to play the cello. He is considered to be the greatest cello player in the world! Yo-Yo-Ma created his music beautifully to make his legacy straight-forward: to help bring music to the world.
Yo-Yo-Ma was born in 1955, in Paris, France. Although he didn’t play the cello when he was three years old, he played the violin to begin his musical legacy. When he was four years old, he played the cello. He had great talents as his great mind and ears made a good destiny for his future career. Three years later, they moved to New York City, which his music shined from there.
Once he got to NYC, he went to a music school, and was one of the most gifted students in his school. At age 9, he went into the famous Carnegie Hall to play the cello in one of the most popular music auditoriums. He kept playing the cello until he graduated from Harvard University in 1976.
After playing the cello as an adult for years, he had scoliosis, a physical bone disease where the spine bends in an abnormal way. It took six months for him to recover, but luckily it was a full recovery, and he went back to playing the cello to this day.
Today, Yo-Yo-Ma’s music is one of the best cello music around, and he’s got a bunch of albums from his cello. His music makes great impact to the world. He has a good future ahead of him.


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