World War II

World War II
Sean Oh

World War II is considered to be the biggest war in the world. Most people had died in this war. As this tense battle continued, it made blood stain the ground, and had many casualties. World War II is the Second Great War.

After WWI, the Treaty of Versailles had shattered the German economy. $33 billion dollars went to the Allied Forces, the USA, France, Great Britain, and other small countries. Meanwhile, in Germany, Adolf Hitler was building his army, which was against the treaty that Germany signed. It forbid Hitler to build a strong army, but Europe let him get away with that. He claimed land in Poland and Czechoslovakia, which made the UK and France declare war on Germany.

But before that, Germany had allies: Italy and Japan. It made it hard for the UK and France, and Germany conquered France. The USA were shipping supplies to the UK to help. They did not go to war yet. Germany invaded the UK and attacked cities such as London. But, their air force, the Royal Air Force, helped them survive that fast bombing. The USA entered the war when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. The USA hit Germany hard.

When the USA went to war, the war changed. They sent Germany facing France and Germany on their backs. France recovered and now wasn’t a territory of Germany and surrendered. Italy surrendered after Germany. But, Japan was still fighting for war.  The United States made a quick decision by setting an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered in mid-August that year.

That war took a toll for Hitler, and he was dead with his wife in the next day. World War II did not help feelings, and not even the end of it. Luckily, this led to the United Nations, which took action for peace. Any war bigger than that will be impossible in my mind.

World War II

One thought on “World War II

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean. Good job.
    Although a war is small or big, it must not be in this world.
    Sean, your grandpa was first lieutenant in the army.


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