The Cold War

The Cold War

Sean Oh

The Cold War wasn’t a war, it was a battle between two superpowers in the world. Because they call it a war, it caused casualties between the two sides and other places. The Cold War was the big war between the two big countries, the USA, and the Soviet Union.

After WWII ended with the big atom bomb explosion in Japan, an alliance broke apart from the Soviet Union. The USA thought that communism, a kind of government, was going to spread because of the Soviet Union. But, the Soviet Union had reasons to fight the USA. They used an atom bomb, which the Soviets thought they’d dominate other nations with it. After, the Soviet Union started making their own nuclear weapons, and caused the USA to build nuclear weapons of their own. Plus, the Berlin Wall split Germany in half, which made West Germany and East Germany, as East Germany was communist government. Nobody could get in or out of East Germany.

The USA used three things to help Europe solve its democracy problem. First they sent thirteen million dollars to Europe to help rebuild itself. Then, if any country was struggling to make democracy, there would be military aid to help solve its problems. They made NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a military alliance made from many countries in West Europe, the USA, and Canada. It helped support the democracy of many countries.

The Korean War and the Vietnam War ended, and the space race begun. USA and the Soviet Union engaged to see who came with more space technology. In the end, the USA won, with missions to the moon. The Cold War ended when the Soviet Union collapsed and split up into different countries. Their finance was much less advanced than the Soviet’s. The Cold war ended as simple as a blink of an eye which people were glad to hear.

Casualties shattered the world after the Cold War, with no standoffs, but did take a while to heal before the regular life of the world began. It was an outrageous event. I hope there will be no more of the fighting.

The Cold War

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