The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Sean Oh

The Roman Empire was a great revolution in the early world. It is a great reign and made early government. The great Rome is standing today, and now it does not fall. We can assure the Rome was not either built in a day, nor fallen in a day.

Rome was looking for a governmental leader, and they found one: Julius Caesar, the dictator of Rome. A dictator is someone who rules land with absolute control. Now Caesar had lots of land; he had led them to the Atlantic Ocean! The people thought Caesar was too powerful. They sent him home. He returned in 49 BCE and fought a civil war against his main enemy: Pompey. He sailed over to Egypt for support, and got Cleopatra, Egypt’s queen, to give him money to help get control over Rome. Caesar became the dictator in 45 BCE. He gave land to his army, gave grain to poor people, made a new calendar, and gave citizenship to people not born in Rome. The people weren’t too happy with the changes he made. They ordered his execution, and now they needed a new leader.

People were now fighting to become the best, and there were many violent deaths. After the fighting Caesar’s grand-nephew and son Octavian took over the imperator job, or “one who commands”. He was Augustus Caesar. Now he could veto any law, rule Rome, and command the entire Roman army. This led to the Pax Romana, which was 200 years of peace in Rome.

After the 200 years of peace were over, Commodus took over Rome. He was a powerful autocrat, ignoring the Senate’s advice of the government. One of the reasons of the fal was because there was no way of selecting leaders. Once one general took over the emperor’s position, one can overthrow or assassinate him, and cycle repeated. In 49 years, there had been 24 emperors of Rome. Another problem was the army. The army is stationed at the edges of Rome. But, when one attacks, one goes to help out, and the gap opens, and soldiers can get inside Rome. Most of the settlers grew in strength, so finally, the empire split in two. The Eastern Roman Empire was now not face with the crisis any more, but the Western Roman Empire was still in the fall. Romulus Augustus was overthrown by a Germanic leader named Oduacer, and the Roman Empire was done.

The Roman Empire was the blast and got the end when the Germanic forces pushed them out, but the Roman Empire is still in the world today. The architecture, and liberty is from Rome, and it will never die.

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

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