How to Care for Fish

How to Care for Fish
Sean Oh
     Fish are one of the most popular pets in the world, even if we don’t want it or not. Fish are great pets to see and play with, even if you can’t communicate with them. To treat them carefully, read the following text
     Caring for fish are easy and fun. You need a fish tank and fish food for your fish to eat. Analyse fish food products carefully for each fish to reach your fish’s needs. If you have 2 or more fish, either put them in different fish tanks, or assort them by the species and age. If you don’t put the fish in several fish tanks, none will survive for long. Feed your fish daily to make sure it gets enough to survive.
     Playing with your well cared fish is a good, entertaining, and fun thing to use your well-earned time. When feeding your fish, watch him eat the food. It never gets old. Watch him move around in his tank. If you add props, or decorations, it should be interested in going near it. Overall, your guests should adore having fish around in your house.

     Safety rules when having fish are important so one will not get injured. First rule: Don’t try to put your finger in to entertain your fish. They will bite your finger, and you will need to go to the hospital. Second rule: Don’t tap the fish tank. Different animals have different ears, so if you touch the tank, there is a chance that they will get ear damage, so please just look not touch. Put these next to the fish tanks and people will not get hurt or bored.
     Fish are easy to have and are fun to play with in your free time. You need to follow these steps for your fish to have a happy and peaceful life. Treating your fish with care will help your successful caring for fish. People will know you’ve cared for those fish when you do.

How to Care for Fish

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