Fifa 15: A Game Review

Fifa 15: A Game Review

Sean Oh

What does a great game need? In general, games need high-quality visuals, lots of game modes, good controls for gamers to remember, and good features that weren’t include in the last version. Fifa 15 is one of those great games. With great new games that gamers will enjoy, here’s my rating to this game.

My overall review: I’m a good soccer fan so I loved it. Every single detail on every single player made players look as their real selves in real life. Game modes such as the career mode and the Ultimate Team feature made the great game fill in with my opinion. If you wanted to loan a player, you can in Ultimate Team, which was new to Fifa 15. The career mode makes you act as yourself, or another player, but the best part is the manager mode part. You can manage any team from any FIFA established league from the English Premier League to the K-League at South Korea. Those cool game modes made the game more detailed and great to make the best experience in your game.

EA Sports has increased the depth they’ve put on in tiny details. EA has improved goalkeeper fundamentals, and now you can slide the ball under their legs to score, and they can use many other ways to save the ball. Shirt pulling, crowd cheers, player breathing, and hair dangling make this game separate from the rest. It is sure to pull you of your seat when you see the game.

Fifa 15 in my opinion is a very good game to play, with great features that should lighten up soccer fans across the world. Fifa 16 will be even better in my opinion. My game review of Fifa 15 means the great game will go on and so will the series of FIFA games in the EA Sports building.

Fifa 15: A Game Review

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