My Middle School First Day

My Middle School First Day

Sean Oh

Wow, what a first day it has been. It was an exciting day for me and my classmates in the first day of middle school. I had an exciting time at my first day. I can’t wait for the days to come at my school.

Our day started with homeroom with the science and social studies teacher, Mr. Yarnell. He took us on a 20-minute tour on the middle school. I say, he made the tour very interesting, and the day started well. He was the one who told us about the expectations and the responsibilities in school. The day started out great. Next we went to the math teacher, Mrs. Morgan. I know her because I know her son, Connor, who is a friend of mine. We discussed on ourselves in personal, like names. We did a fun worksheet and got a snack we could eat in the class. My class left with happiness.

Next, we went to the language arts teacher, Mrs. Knorr. In the first 15 minutes of the class, she was getting to know our names. She memorized our names at the end of the first part of the class. We went to lunch afterwards. We learned the basic rules of lunch with Mrs. Nebel, the lunch and recess monitor. At the end of lunch, she told us about recess and the ball cages, and since she talked so much, by then, we walked back into the fifth grade wing.

We went back to Mrs. Knorr’s room and did a worksheet of a scavenger hunt around the classroom. My classmates and I went to our social studies and science teacher, or our homeroom teacher, Mr. Yarnell. We took a quiz about him that we didn’t get because of the thing we didn’t get. The things on the quiz wasn’t related to the things shown on the board. It’s a learning lesson to, if you are confused about something, please tell the teacher. We went to an assembly about the basics of the middle school. Afterward, my classmates and I went to the gym for physical education. The day was over, and the buses had arrived, so the first day was fun.

My middle school first day was fun and exciting to do and I will have a fun time in the middle school. The amazing adventures I will have for middle school will be exceptional as days go by at my school. I just can’t wait for each day at the middle school.

My Middle School First Day

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