How to Take Great Photos

How to Take Great Photos

Sean Oh

Photography is a very artistic hobby to do, and lots are famous for their great photos. I’ll teach you what are the basics of taking a picture and the reason for taking it. Maybe you’ve been wondering how to get people attracted to your photos. Well, here’s how you do that.

First find your main subjects. There’s a chance if you don’t find the main subjects well, there’s just going to be a horrendous picture right away. If there is one main subject, think on finding objects that will make the picture more interesting. Say you’re taking a picture of your friend near Niagra Falls. First, take the picture so it includes both Niagra Falls and your friend, because those are the main subjects. But, if there are more objects around to take a picture of, you can get to the point where you can change the angle of the picture. It gets a unique picture that looks spectacular!

Next, after you’ve mastered the basics, try playing around with contrast. If you have a strawberry and a red wall, it looks boring and unsure. On the other hand, putting a strawberry in the night sky (with flash) will have great contrast, and both the background and the and the subjects can be see easily. It creates great pictures. If you play around with color for many days, you can find great combinations that you can put photos in. This type of photography makes it familiar to a hobby.

Photography has increased the arts in different forms exceptionally, and the feeling in those colors will make a great photo. It is both a hobby and a way of life for lots of people. I think that as long as many things happen to technology, photography will stay forever.

How to Take Great Photos

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