Sleeping Over

Sleeping Over

Sean Oh

     Today, I have a sleepover with my friends Julian and Jonah. They are one of my most trusted friends I have right now. They will come to my house today, September 4, 2015. It’s going to be a fun night at my house, but let me tell you more on my friends.

I met Julian and Jonah when I was 4 years old. I have seen their house when I was in 1st grade where I lived right down the block. In second grade, I moved to a different home, but I was still not far from their house. I got to know them well. In my last days at Buffalo, NY, they slept over at my house for a few days. We slept at their house for a few days, then left for Bloomsburg, PA. I still got in touch with them once in awhile, but I didn’t get to meet them often.

I got in touch with them when they had an e-mail account, and they visited for a sleepover once in a while. We visited their house, too. They visited us occasionally from third grade to fourth grade. They’re still visiting me in 5th grade, and that is today. Julian is the same age, but Jonah is one year younger than me. They love to play games electronically, such as Minecraft. I like these friends a lot.

Today, my friends have many things that we have in common compared to me. We have ancestors from Asia, and we are smart. Similarities help bring people together, and those are a few of them. Although I have favorable friends that have come from anywhere, I am sure Julian and Jonah are the best from the rest.

Sleeping Over

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