My Family’s Cooking

My Family’s Cooking

Sean Oh

Most people will want food that tastes delicious in sight, and in taste.  My mom and dad both can cook many sorts of things that will make you mouth water. I love their food so much that I want to eat more when I can’t eat more. Watch how my mom and dad cook and grill.

My mom usually cooks what she wants, such as soup, rice, fried rice, and more. Her cooking looks and sounds professional when you see it. I don’t think we have to go to a restaurant to get food. Just experiment with what tastes the same, or totally different. My dad helps her out sometimes, or does it himself but it turns out that my sister and I can help them cook, too. I usually help out cooking noodle soups in the Korean cuisine-style way. I love the food I cook, too.

My dad will grill meat and cook noodle soups most of the time. We have a grill inside our sunroom, which my dad grills on. He makes great steak and pork to eat and his grilling is delicious. He can make almost anything on the grill, and could be hired from a grill restaurant, such as Outback Steakhouse, the Australian-themed restaurant. Everyone else will help bring the meat out to the dining table and eat.

My family cooks great food and I think that many other families can cook well, too. There’s a future ahead from cooking, because of the growth of food creation percentage is growing mightily. Maybe you’ll be next.

My Family’s Cooking

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