Sean Oh
     Driving affects our lives these days. It helps us get places. In the time when cars didn’t exist at all, life was harder, where people had to walk to places that took forever to get to. If cars did not exist today, not many things would have been invented. Let’s see how driving helps us do things, and how people drive.
     Some adults like to drive fast. Some reasons are maybe they’re late for work, need to go somewhere quick, or maybe it’s their own personality. Most of these fast drivers will take the highway to get to places. In a highway, the speed limits are between 50-65. Most drivers that are fast like those limits and go in the average of those to save just a bit of time. If taking the regular road though, the speed limits aren’t close to 60, which they range in between 20-45 miles per hour, which wastes time.
     Some adults go in the middle, or slow. The reasons are that they’re either aware that they might crash, or their car they own is slow. The chances of getting in a car crash if you ride slowly is reduced compared to fast drivers. I think this idea is the safest way to go if you are inexperienced in driving in your early years of driving. It’s not worth the time, but it’s worth the safety. 
     Driving and its persona areas in this are so complex that even we might not be able to figure out why this person does that. If we dig in to the brain’s thinking areas, maybe we can solve why this person drives slow and the other drives fast. We may never know, but we still have some hope.


One thought on “Driving

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Good job, Sean.
    I thought you explained well about how people drive but how driving helps us do things was a feeling of lack. However I think your essay is very good. Thanks.


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