The Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse

Sean Oh

Yesterday, everybody saw an amazing sight in the USA. They saw the beautiful red moon outside throughout the night. This is the amazing super moon and the lunar eclipse at the same time. The spectacular views there made fans go wild. Check it out.

You might think the moon goes perfectly circular around the earth, but it doesn’t. It goes in an oval shaped, so the moon might seem big one day and small the next. When it gets to its biggest point, those are called supermoons. Super moons are uncommon; they happen almost every 6 months. 

You might have heard of a solar eclipse, but there’s a lunar eclipse, too. Once the moon is shaded from the sun completely (The Earth has a tilt in the axis), the moon turns red. This is a lunar eclipse, or, as people like to call it, a blood moon. 

When you combine these, you get a supermoon lunar eclipse, which was on last night from 9 to 10. When you have a full moon, a super moon, and a lunar eclipse, it doesn’t happen once in a while. NASA predicts that the next one of these will be on 2033, 18 years from now. It is an amazing sight and super rare that most people only see it once in their whole lifetime.

The big supermoon lunar eclipse has shattered the world on Sunday, September 27, 2015. The great moon has gone through the million times of this history, and yet we’ve only seen it 20-50 times. We can see it more, and the beauty of the moon has just begun.

The Lunar Eclipse

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