Where My Life is Right Now

My life right now is being worked up. The places I think are worth visiting are not being visited. I thought this would stop any sooner this month. “There was, at least, a chance,” I thought.

How very wrong I was. How strange. I’m usually not wrong.

Right now, I am being bored, even with all the video games I played, and all the books I’ve read, my mind feels discontent. I wish my week right now was at Friday. Right now, with a baby brother in my mix, we can’t go anywhere really far, or we risk having him cry for about half the time that we are in the car. It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s not my type. I want to go places that I’ll never forget, because I only live once.

If school was on this week, it would be more fun and frantic. I would like to swim for my swim team, CCAC. My memories and fears are being haunted by a video with a mutant zombie in it(brain teaser from school in beginning of September). Right now, going to the mall is not the thing I like nor is it the places I want to go, although it’s where we constantly went to this month, going there twice. 

Staying home for a while is boring. It’s the same old place, the same old bedroom, the same old bathroom, so I thought it would be a time to change. I got to go with my mom to get groceries. I got to play soccer with my dad. Even in my religion’s way, we went to church to pray. Although, I thought it just wasn’t enough. I want to see the outside world, not only from the view from my house. 

I hope my life takes a turn right now, and fast because it’s not exciting, having to stay at home, being bored, and my life just going wrong. If it doesn’t it won’t be pretty.

Where My Life is Right Now

3 thoughts on “Where My Life is Right Now

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean. Good job.
    사람하는 손자 션아, 세상일은 자기가 하고 싶다고해서 다 해지는 것은 아니란다.
    하고싶은 일을 하기위해서 노력하고 또 노력해서 할 수있는 여건이 되면 그때하고 부족하면 시간을 두고 또 준비하고 그다음에 하고 하는 것이란다. 영원이 이루어지지 않는 일이 더 많을 수도 있단다.
    그래서 학생일때는 공부를 열심히 해서 장래 출세해서 하고싶은 일을 할 수있겠금 그 기초를 다듬어야한다. 모든 사람들도 다 만족하게 사는 사람은 없단다. 부족한 것을 조금씩 해소해 가면서 산단다.
    물론 여건이 되어 어린 시절부터 많은 경험을 쌓는 것은 더욱 좋지만 말이다.
    션 모든 것을 못해주는 할아버지가 미안하지만 방학이 오면 한국에도 한번 오는 계획도 가져보렴.
    또 다음에 얘기하자.


  2. IL HWAN OH says:

    사랑하는 손자 시헌아, 할머니는 너가 맘 속에 가진 생각을 글을 통하여 표현하는 것은 참으로 좋은 것이란다. 한국에 있는 가족도 다 알수 있고 말이다. 우리션은 어린애때부터 참 영리했단다. 그래서 지금도 스마트하고 샤프하구나. 션아 사랑한다. 너의 팬이 많다는 것을 항시 생각해라. 션 최고!!


  3. SANG HEE OH says:

    If you feel discontent, right now you are developing and you are in the process to get what you really want.I hope although you are interrupted,you can overcome difficulties and find the way you can do what you really want.


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