Questions for the Future to Ask Pt 1

Questions for the Future to Ask Pt 1
Sean Oh
The future is what lies even ahead of us today. Great minds, athletes, artists, musicians, and the building blocks await. Under this, questions that the future will sooner have to ask for the far future should be asked.
1. Is time travel safe enough and possible? If possible, how should we use it?
Time travel can be a problem if discovered. Imagine yourself killing your past self in the time machine. Once you kill him, time has changed. You are now just in bones. Why? Because now you weren’t alive to see your adulthood because you killed your childhood self. So, this brings us back to the question: Is time travel safe enough? Maybe not, if we cannot create a glass wall between the past and the present. 

2. Can we live in a different planet?
This question is the same as: Is there life on a different planet? Scientists have found many choices: Mars, Europa, a moon near Jupiter, or somewhere not in the solar system, but the first thing we need to prove is life on the planet. Worlds like the earth cannot live without life. Is there life somewhere else? Scientists will have to find out.

3: Can the communist government be destroyed?
Can communism live in the future? Most communist countries have dictators for their leader, putting one leader in charge of many. The USA have been the leader of democracy, and can they force the world to be a democracy? If USA presidents can step up and do their business, maybe. Again, it’s up to the world’s choices to find out who wins, and who loses, communism or democracy.

Questions for the Future to Ask Pt 1

One thought on “Questions for the Future to Ask Pt 1

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean. Good job. You are a good essayist.
    It’s fun and serious to imagine about time travel, living in a different planet and choosing democracy or commuism.


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