Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Jackson closed his eyes. His device never failed him before. What happened? But then, as he opened his eyes, he saw that he was right in front of Daniel, his newest friend.

But he was no longer with Kevin, or his uncle. Where had they gone?

“You don’t understand what is happening, don’t you?”

“Uh, no, Daniel. Why are you even here?”

“Figure it out.”

He thought. Had Daniel known he came here? If so, the answer became very clear to him.

“Daniel, did you know I was going to Russia?”


“Then, you’re related to me, aren’t you?”


He looked around again. He saw these words in big red:

Mind Temple A100

“You do see where I need to go right now, do you?”

“I know exactly where you’re going to be at an hour from now. You’re going to be there.”

He pointed toward the Mind Temple A100.

“Do you think we might as well go together?”

“Of course. In fact, I am on the same side as you.”

They waited in line to enter. Once it was their turn, they paid 3 American dollars to go in. Right when they got in, there was a mini quiz.

Before you get in, we will test you. If you get more than 50% right, you will pass. If you don’t, you will be out of the temple by a drop to a car and out.

1. What city is this, right here?
2. 5 – 6x = – 25. What is x?
3. In basketball, what term refers to a one minute break?
4. What happens when time ends for everything?
5. Name the smallest prime number.

This was easy for both of them to solve, and after getting one hundred, they got to go on an elevator, all the way up to level 20. They had 3 stages to go.

“Man, we got a short cut up here!”

“Yeah, Jackson. I think it won’t take an hour to get through here.”

As they got through, it wasn’t true. It took them 45 minutes to get the 21st level finished, and they were almost at the top. Their brains needed a real break, but they could not stop. Jackson and Daniel needed to finish 2 more levels to get copper, the first element in his antidote for the serum.

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“You have arrived at Sochi, Russia. Have a very nice visit!”

They were finally off that airplane. Daniel would’ve preferred a private jet, but the trio was going off in the same plane. At least he got to look at them twice. He was also related to them, but he was a secret member.

He was at Jackson’s school as the “new kid.” Daniel personally wanted to go first to South Korea for molasses, then copper, but it was a shrewd choice. There was a training base made just for them.

“We have to go to the Sochi Olympic Stadium. There’s a bunch of copper there that we can buy!”

Daniel sighed. He hoped that Jackson would realize that copper was really expensive around here. Daniel also wanted the Vanessas to fall, but he was a total failure.

He once attempted to assassinate Anne Vanessa, but then the police came and almost arrested him, but Daniel got away without any footprints, fingerprints, and everything, so he wasn’t the prime suspect.

He decided to cover up after that situation.

He led the STVA, which stood for Stop the Vanessa Association. He had thousands of members in this group.

He pulled out his phone and called 500 guards, “Hello? Can you safeguard Jackson’s house tonight? Thanks. Bye!”

He knew that Anne Vanessa would go straight back to Virginia to attack the house, but was it right to say that it was in danger?
Jackson ran toward the stadium, and even before they arrived, they saw copper, almost everywhere, selling it for five hundred thousand American dollars. They didn’t have the cash. How were they supposed to get copper if there was nowhere to get it for free?

He asked Kevin and his uncle, “Where can we get copper free.

The answer came quite quickly to them.

They both said at the same time, “The Mind Temple A100!”

“What’s that?” Jackson replied.

“It’s a mind training center that will make you think like crazy. Millions have come in, and few have come out from the exit. Most are thrown out midway through the temple. All have survived in there, so it is safe.”

“Let’s go there, guys!”

Whoosh! They were almost there, they could see the ending, then BAM!!! What happened?

Chapter 5

Far Away Home Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Even after the teleportation operation, Kevin was “teleport sick”. One reason was that he couldn’t find out why someone would now totally steal their ingredients if they already drank it. Maybe they would give it to everyone in the world to turn against them?

What would they do to grab all the ingredients in the antidote?

As they entered the plane to Russia, Jackson immediately grabbed his iPhone and played some games.

Kevin, though, watched everyone. He saw someone, though, who he wanted to move away from. It was Anne Vanessa, the one who grabbed the serum 15 years ago.

Anne stole the ingredients and gave it to herself, and her family, so they could share it to the whole family. Nobody was blamed for the crime, because she was the only one that could open it, since she stole the key the day before.

However, a miracle happened. When she tried to feed the serum to her family, the effects did not take place at all. Now, to this day she was trying to find a solution, which could be Jackson’s antidote.

“Guys. Let’s move up using the teleportation device. Anne Vanessa is up.”

Nobody moved until, no sound was taking place. They were there already there.

“Who is this Anne Vanessa? Wait—now I know it’s Madeline’s mom, isn’t it?”


A moment of silence, then he could hear snoring. Jackson was asleep.

Did he know there was a training base at Russia? Maybe he should practice there for a while. He had high potential to be great. Who knew?

Far Away Home Chapter 4

Far Away Home Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Did you say VANESSA?!”

“Uh, yeah, I did.”

“Well, guess what. The Vanessas are just as rich as us because they took part of the serum we created. It made them richer than Taylor Swift, and even us. We need to stop them ASAP. If there was an antidote to the serum, we would be able to solve this immediately,” Kevin said.

Jackson responded immediately, “What are the ingredients to this serum?”

Kevin replied, “Well, they’re on this sheet of paper, written 100 years ago.”

This is what it looked like:

Add one ounce of each ingredient below:
Melted Lead
Skittles (for taste)
Graphite (to remove poisoning lead)

“Wow. Do they even work?”

“Of course it does!”

Jackson thought for a very long time. After an hour, he had found a solution to the serum.

“I have a good idea! I think I have the antidote!

My solution:



Fake Sugar


Melted copper
“Brilliant, Jackson! You might have found just the solution!”

“Let’s build it!”

But then he realized, his uncle’s grin turned into a nasty headache.

“First problem, we don’t have the ingredients. They’re scattered around the world, except for the ice, fake sugar, and graphite. Molasses is in the other side of the world, and copper is in Russia.

“Then, we need to take a flight to Russia first before anybody else, like the Vanessas, get there.”

Silence appeared in the room, until the silence disappeared.

“Okay, let’s go now. There’s going to be a flight to Russia in thirty minutes.”

“Let’s take my teleportation device.”

“Whoosh!” They were there, and as they walked to the plane with their tickets in their hands, they were ready to go.

Far Away Home Chapter 3

Far Away Home Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Is he a businessman like you?”

“How is his health?”

“What is his name?”

“Did someone send me here?”

Jackson was now asking lots of questions as Jackson and Kevin walked toward the 2-mile road. Kevin had told him that his house was near the big oak tree on his map app on his iPhone.

However, he did not tell him anything about his uncle because of a surprise that his uncle had. Kevin had thought Jackson would be very overwhelmed when he found out about how important his family was and the things that was at stake if he did not succeed.

Finally, Jackson said, “Is there a reason why I am here?”

Kevin replied firmly, “Your family is so important to the fate of the world. It is one of the richest families of all.”

Jackson said back, “So why am I here? Why am I not back at my mom’s house?

Kevin replied, “Your parents have told me and your uncle now is the time. Also, we have arrived.”

His uncle’s house looked big as a mansion, and it was rather not what Jackson was thinking of, despite Kevin telling him how rich his family was. It seemed to be taller than the Eifel Tower.

Kevin had pressed the doorbell. “Ding dong,” they had heard. But nobody answered. They had waited, and waited, for one, two, three, four, and even five minutes until someone opened the door. He thought, “Have I seen him before?” He looked back throughout his lifetime. Was it the time he met that guy was at Grandma’s house?

His uncle said, “Hello, Jackson. It has been 10 years and 6 months since we met.”

Jackson was stunned. He never remembered the time that his uncle visited him, for only one single time.

He asked, “How do you know this?”

His uncle responded, “Our family has the smartest people in history. We know how to read minds in less than a second, and we have dead-on accuracy. We carry on that trait throughout the family, and you are the next to claim it.”

Jackson thought of all those times he outsmarted people. In his first soccer game he played, he scored 4 goals, which was all their goals. He was unbeaten in all the board games his family had. He also outsmarted a bully to do what he wanted without giving up anything (He made the bully give his money back to every person he pick pocketed).

After the moment of silence had ended, his uncle said, “Kevin here is your grandmother’s sister’s son. He also got the trait as well as you.

Kevin responded back, “I have a shrewd plan to become the CEO of Amazon in less than a day. It’s perfect. I first tell my boss—“

He stopped because someone busted the door out. Who was this?

His uncle immediately responded. He said, “Run to the basement!”

They ran to the basement speeding towards the door, and the door expanded in sight. Was Jackson looking at an optical illusion?

Kevin hollered at Jackson, “Just get inside!”

He immediately went inside the basement. He immediately recognized the breathing that was upstairs. It was his worst enemy, Madeline Vanessa.

“I know who that is. That is Madeline Vanessa, my worst enemy.”

His uncle yelled out, “What?”


“She competes with me all the time, although the fact that I’m smart makes her the total opposite of me. She doesn’t think before she acts. That’s why we were able to get out easily. I’ll go up,” said Jackson.

He went up. He opened the door.

“Hello, my worst enemy,” Jackson said.

Madeline hollered back, “You missed a day of school! You missed the best lesson of the year!”

But he had remembered, it was still 8 AM. There was no chance that school was over at this time. His school was exactly 560 miles, 163 yards, and 3 inches away from his real house, but he has a teleportation device that leads him to his school in Sacramento in just a second. So she had missed school, mostly because she’s the one who hated it.

“Please get out, or else I’m telling the principal you missed school unexcused with my evidence,” Jackson said.

Right then, “SNAP!” He took a picture of her.

Madeline scowled, “You won’t get away with this.”

She slammed the front door and she walked the direction back to school. He made a mental note to write a school excuse note later.

Jackson called down the basement, “It’s fine! You can get up!”

After they had all got up, they had breakfast with some cereal his uncle invented. It was full of fluoride, which would keep your teeth clean. It was really delicious. He was feeling comfortable.
Kevin was not sure about something. Did he say Vanessa was Madeline’s last name? The Vanessas were a very dangerous family. What could happen? If there was the antidote to the serum they had…

The Vanessas had once taken the serum, to make them rich. They changed the fate of the world. If there was an antidote… But where would the ingredients be?

Far Away Home Chapter 2

Far Away Home: Chapter One Fiction

Chapter 1
Jackson had just woken up from a nap. Where was he? He was not at his house at Virginia. He was surprised to find himself in California, where was far from home. He was sitting down on a chair, in a place that looked like a bus. He was 11 years old. Why would a kid be here at this time?

“Where am I,” said Jackson.

Immediately, someone said, “You are on a bus to see your uncle.”

This person had a black coat on, even though it was not winter, and had a hat on and looked like a detective.

But for the most part he didn’t know any kind of uncle. He had not known his family very well and only didn’t know if his father or mother had any brother.

Jackson replied, “Who are you?”

He responded back, “I am a friend of his.”

Right then he decided to pull out his iPhone. He called his mom. It seemed to ring, but no one would respond. He tried once, twice, three times before he decided to voicemail his mom instead. He waited. Tick tock tick tock. The clock went by and they had arrived at his so-called “uncle.”

“You have arrived at Greenlake Road,” the machine said. Was this really about to happen? Jackson and the friend went out of the bus and onto the sidewalk. This road was clean and high quality, obviously taken care of a lot.

Afterwards, the friend said, “I have not introduced myself yet, and I apologize. My name is Kevin. I am a businessman at Amazon. A rare company to be working for.”

Jackson started to get excited. He started to ask him more questions as they walked into the vast, long road in the breezy morning.

Far Away Home: Chapter One Fiction

My Hopes in My Swim Team

My Hopes in My Swim Team

Sean Oh

If you know me well enough, you know that I swim not only for fun but for competition as well. A lot has changed in our swim team ever since our coaches left the team. Three coaches went off the swim team and someone was going to replace them. I had questions. “Were they good? Were they someone I did not know?”

I was surprised at who it was. It made me jump up when my dad told me a few months ago.

It was Ms. Reed, one of the gym teachers at the middle school I go to now. According to talking in the beginning of class, she had us do swimming events, and swimming strokes. This meant that she had known swimming well. But for the most part, a fourth of the staff left and were replaced by new people. It made me think, “Was this team as the same as I thought it was? Will it all change?” I thought this team would never be the same again.

To me, the popularity of the team now has been lost, but more middle school support will be coming in. It’s mostly because the coach Ms. Reed is a coach known very well around the school. I’m sure the old kids will get out and more new kids come in this year. The “X Factor” for the team will be the boy’s youth. In the 8 and under division, the spots are empty. Nobody is in the group. If we can get just 1 or more kid, we can get good points in meets. The 10 and under division will be filled in by 3 boys including myself, and those will be a key point in getting points, making up for the U8 division. I just hope all the members get good times though. That is the most important thing in swimming.

Our swim team is starting to change in the ways and we have to be prepared for all the challenges that await the team and the players because the team has great potential. A lot of everybody will be needed to be the best.

My Hopes in My Swim Team