My Hopes in My Swim Team

My Hopes in My Swim Team

Sean Oh

If you know me well enough, you know that I swim not only for fun but for competition as well. A lot has changed in our swim team ever since our coaches left the team. Three coaches went off the swim team and someone was going to replace them. I had questions. “Were they good? Were they someone I did not know?”

I was surprised at who it was. It made me jump up when my dad told me a few months ago.

It was Ms. Reed, one of the gym teachers at the middle school I go to now. According to talking in the beginning of class, she had us do swimming events, and swimming strokes. This meant that she had known swimming well. But for the most part, a fourth of the staff left and were replaced by new people. It made me think, “Was this team as the same as I thought it was? Will it all change?” I thought this team would never be the same again.

To me, the popularity of the team now has been lost, but more middle school support will be coming in. It’s mostly because the coach Ms. Reed is a coach known very well around the school. I’m sure the old kids will get out and more new kids come in this year. The “X Factor” for the team will be the boy’s youth. In the 8 and under division, the spots are empty. Nobody is in the group. If we can get just 1 or more kid, we can get good points in meets. The 10 and under division will be filled in by 3 boys including myself, and those will be a key point in getting points, making up for the U8 division. I just hope all the members get good times though. That is the most important thing in swimming.

Our swim team is starting to change in the ways and we have to be prepared for all the challenges that await the team and the players because the team has great potential. A lot of everybody will be needed to be the best.

My Hopes in My Swim Team

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