Far Away Home: Chapter One Fiction

Chapter 1
Jackson had just woken up from a nap. Where was he? He was not at his house at Virginia. He was surprised to find himself in California, where was far from home. He was sitting down on a chair, in a place that looked like a bus. He was 11 years old. Why would a kid be here at this time?

“Where am I,” said Jackson.

Immediately, someone said, “You are on a bus to see your uncle.”

This person had a black coat on, even though it was not winter, and had a hat on and looked like a detective.

But for the most part he didn’t know any kind of uncle. He had not known his family very well and only didn’t know if his father or mother had any brother.

Jackson replied, “Who are you?”

He responded back, “I am a friend of his.”

Right then he decided to pull out his iPhone. He called his mom. It seemed to ring, but no one would respond. He tried once, twice, three times before he decided to voicemail his mom instead. He waited. Tick tock tick tock. The clock went by and they had arrived at his so-called “uncle.”

“You have arrived at Greenlake Road,” the machine said. Was this really about to happen? Jackson and the friend went out of the bus and onto the sidewalk. This road was clean and high quality, obviously taken care of a lot.

Afterwards, the friend said, “I have not introduced myself yet, and I apologize. My name is Kevin. I am a businessman at Amazon. A rare company to be working for.”

Jackson started to get excited. He started to ask him more questions as they walked into the vast, long road in the breezy morning.

Far Away Home: Chapter One Fiction

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