Far Away Home Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Did you say VANESSA?!”

“Uh, yeah, I did.”

“Well, guess what. The Vanessas are just as rich as us because they took part of the serum we created. It made them richer than Taylor Swift, and even us. We need to stop them ASAP. If there was an antidote to the serum, we would be able to solve this immediately,” Kevin said.

Jackson responded immediately, “What are the ingredients to this serum?”

Kevin replied, “Well, they’re on this sheet of paper, written 100 years ago.”

This is what it looked like:

Add one ounce of each ingredient below:
Melted Lead
Skittles (for taste)
Graphite (to remove poisoning lead)

“Wow. Do they even work?”

“Of course it does!”

Jackson thought for a very long time. After an hour, he had found a solution to the serum.

“I have a good idea! I think I have the antidote!

My solution:



Fake Sugar


Melted copper
“Brilliant, Jackson! You might have found just the solution!”

“Let’s build it!”

But then he realized, his uncle’s grin turned into a nasty headache.

“First problem, we don’t have the ingredients. They’re scattered around the world, except for the ice, fake sugar, and graphite. Molasses is in the other side of the world, and copper is in Russia.

“Then, we need to take a flight to Russia first before anybody else, like the Vanessas, get there.”

Silence appeared in the room, until the silence disappeared.

“Okay, let’s go now. There’s going to be a flight to Russia in thirty minutes.”

“Let’s take my teleportation device.”

“Whoosh!” They were there, and as they walked to the plane with their tickets in their hands, they were ready to go.

Far Away Home Chapter 3

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