Far Away Home Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Even after the teleportation operation, Kevin was “teleport sick”. One reason was that he couldn’t find out why someone would now totally steal their ingredients if they already drank it. Maybe they would give it to everyone in the world to turn against them?

What would they do to grab all the ingredients in the antidote?

As they entered the plane to Russia, Jackson immediately grabbed his iPhone and played some games.

Kevin, though, watched everyone. He saw someone, though, who he wanted to move away from. It was Anne Vanessa, the one who grabbed the serum 15 years ago.

Anne stole the ingredients and gave it to herself, and her family, so they could share it to the whole family. Nobody was blamed for the crime, because she was the only one that could open it, since she stole the key the day before.

However, a miracle happened. When she tried to feed the serum to her family, the effects did not take place at all. Now, to this day she was trying to find a solution, which could be Jackson’s antidote.

“Guys. Let’s move up using the teleportation device. Anne Vanessa is up.”

Nobody moved until, no sound was taking place. They were there already there.

“Who is this Anne Vanessa? Wait—now I know it’s Madeline’s mom, isn’t it?”


A moment of silence, then he could hear snoring. Jackson was asleep.

Did he know there was a training base at Russia? Maybe he should practice there for a while. He had high potential to be great. Who knew?

Far Away Home Chapter 4

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