Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“You have arrived at Sochi, Russia. Have a very nice visit!”

They were finally off that airplane. Daniel would’ve preferred a private jet, but the trio was going off in the same plane. At least he got to look at them twice. He was also related to them, but he was a secret member.

He was at Jackson’s school as the “new kid.” Daniel personally wanted to go first to South Korea for molasses, then copper, but it was a shrewd choice. There was a training base made just for them.

“We have to go to the Sochi Olympic Stadium. There’s a bunch of copper there that we can buy!”

Daniel sighed. He hoped that Jackson would realize that copper was really expensive around here. Daniel also wanted the Vanessas to fall, but he was a total failure.

He once attempted to assassinate Anne Vanessa, but then the police came and almost arrested him, but Daniel got away without any footprints, fingerprints, and everything, so he wasn’t the prime suspect.

He decided to cover up after that situation.

He led the STVA, which stood for Stop the Vanessa Association. He had thousands of members in this group.

He pulled out his phone and called 500 guards, “Hello? Can you safeguard Jackson’s house tonight? Thanks. Bye!”

He knew that Anne Vanessa would go straight back to Virginia to attack the house, but was it right to say that it was in danger?
Jackson ran toward the stadium, and even before they arrived, they saw copper, almost everywhere, selling it for five hundred thousand American dollars. They didn’t have the cash. How were they supposed to get copper if there was nowhere to get it for free?

He asked Kevin and his uncle, “Where can we get copper free.

The answer came quite quickly to them.

They both said at the same time, “The Mind Temple A100!”

“What’s that?” Jackson replied.

“It’s a mind training center that will make you think like crazy. Millions have come in, and few have come out from the exit. Most are thrown out midway through the temple. All have survived in there, so it is safe.”

“Let’s go there, guys!”

Whoosh! They were almost there, they could see the ending, then BAM!!! What happened?

Chapter 5

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