Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Jackson closed his eyes. His device never failed him before. What happened? But then, as he opened his eyes, he saw that he was right in front of Daniel, his newest friend.

But he was no longer with Kevin, or his uncle. Where had they gone?

“You don’t understand what is happening, don’t you?”

“Uh, no, Daniel. Why are you even here?”

“Figure it out.”

He thought. Had Daniel known he came here? If so, the answer became very clear to him.

“Daniel, did you know I was going to Russia?”


“Then, you’re related to me, aren’t you?”


He looked around again. He saw these words in big red:

Mind Temple A100

“You do see where I need to go right now, do you?”

“I know exactly where you’re going to be at an hour from now. You’re going to be there.”

He pointed toward the Mind Temple A100.

“Do you think we might as well go together?”

“Of course. In fact, I am on the same side as you.”

They waited in line to enter. Once it was their turn, they paid 3 American dollars to go in. Right when they got in, there was a mini quiz.

Before you get in, we will test you. If you get more than 50% right, you will pass. If you don’t, you will be out of the temple by a drop to a car and out.

1. What city is this, right here?
2. 5 – 6x = – 25. What is x?
3. In basketball, what term refers to a one minute break?
4. What happens when time ends for everything?
5. Name the smallest prime number.

This was easy for both of them to solve, and after getting one hundred, they got to go on an elevator, all the way up to level 20. They had 3 stages to go.

“Man, we got a short cut up here!”

“Yeah, Jackson. I think it won’t take an hour to get through here.”

As they got through, it wasn’t true. It took them 45 minutes to get the 21st level finished, and they were almost at the top. Their brains needed a real break, but they could not stop. Jackson and Daniel needed to finish 2 more levels to get copper, the first element in his antidote for the serum.

Chapter 6

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