San Francisco, CA

“There’s only one option now! Mwahahahah!”

Anne Vanessa had the best plan ever.

She would think this would overwhelm one of the three super-fighters, causing an outlasting break, to give her time for the antidote, and the healing of her relatives, and the richest in the world!

In fact, her plan was to kill Jackson’s mother and father.

“Now it is time! March now, towards Virginia!” she announced.

Nobody would know, wouldn’t they? They would have to figure out.


“You will arrive at 12:00 PM! Please drive safely!”

“Scoobidy-whop! De-bob, boom-bop! It’s time to goooooooo the waaaaaaay!”

Who would know what would happen next? Would they get away with the murder? Or would they be arrested for the second time in the year?

They would really have to find out.


Chapter 18

Chapter 18


“Yell all you want. It’s all over for you now, my friend! Haha!”

When Graham teleported toward the wall of the house, he accidentally hit the “right” button on his controller to go right. He landed in the Vanessa’s house, trapped.



“Oof!” Anne groaned.

Graham thought, “I have to get out here now, or else my life is over, and I’m too young to die!”

He broke a window and sprinted out to the distance. He still had the remote and teleported towards the house.

Still horrified at what happened, he burst through the door and screamed.

“Whoa! Where’d you come from? I thought we lost you!” hollered Jackson.

“I just had the worst sight of my life! I don’t think I can make it…”

He fell towards the ground, sleeping. They could hear him snoring. They decided to leave him alone until the next day.

Chapter 18

Chapter 17

Chapter 17




“Really, are you that dumb, police? They invaded our house, you know!”


Jackson was shouting at the paper he was reading. The front cover told him all he needed. It made the paper look like nothing, as he ripped it to pieces.


“Wake up, I have to tell you something!”


“Really?” said Daniel, “did you have to wake me up when I had a perfect plan?”


“Unnngh!” groaned Graham. “It’s 5 in the morning, you know. I’m really tired!”


“Well, I have some angering news for you. Anne Vanessa got released early! We have to get out of here!”


“Whatever you say,” Daniel answered. “We might not be able to get through, though.”


“Well, they might find us anyway,” replied Graham. “I agree, we’ll have to teleport!”






Obsidian scattered throughout the ground. There might be a chance to get the antidote before she even arrived to this place in Russia!


“Well, I’ve done all the tests I could do, and it is pure obsidian,” said Graham. “Let’s mix it up!”








They had hit the wall of the entrance to his uncle’s house.


“You’re here!”


“Yes, uncle. We have all the ingredients. Now we have to mix it very carefully,” exclaimed Jackson. “Graham?”


No response from Graham.


“Graham?” he hollered louder.


They had made a conclusion that he wasn’t here. But why? There was a piece missing in this case.

Chapter 17


Chapter 16

Somewhere in New York

“Really, do we have to wait this long?”

“Yes. It’s really weird, but yes.”

Apparently, their teleportation device put them in a random place. Now they had to wait for a long week to get on a plane to their location again. They decided their teleportation device needed a break from being used.

“It’s never failed us before,” said Graham. “Why does it happen now, in the most important moment right now?”

“I agree, Jackson. What’s wrong with your device? Is it babyish?”


“It’s me! An agent of the VFA!”




Jackson and Graham exchanged punches and kicks on the VFA agent.



The agent fell face flat on the floor, unconscious to the moment. They went towards their hotel and with arms slipping like noodles, their legs fell helplessly onto the bed and to sleep.


Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Sacramento, CA

“Where do you get those?”

“You mean these electrolytes?”


“You get them at… Oh, come on… I can’t even remember.”

“Oh, well. Thanks, though.”

Jackson asked a household on where they got their electrolytes. Apparently the whole city has one.

“Guys, I found a good candidate. This person found some in the nearest Gatorade store!”

“Ok, that is good info. Let’s go!”


When they arrived, they saw it was on sale for $10 per pint.

They took two pints, or a quart, for the formula.


They landed in Sochi, Russia. They were 30 miles away from the unknown location, out of the range of his device. So, they had to walk 10 miles towards the location to land closer towards the location that would bring them the last ingredient of the serum.

Chapter 15

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“We’re not accepting this.”

“Oh, come on. We’ll work for you again 2 years from now, which we will be at our absolute best in that time. I promise.”

“Really? You promise that you will come back when you are all 13? This seems like a trick to me.”

“No, sir. This is not a trick.”

As they were trying to convince their boss to get out of their job. Apparently it was not easy to convince them.

“Fine, all right. We’re going to save up to buy training equipment then.”

“Ok, thank you.”

“That was a close one! We could’ve stayed there for an extra month!”

“Let’s go quickly.”


Towards the airport, they would get their tickets and get towards the airplane docking place. They were ready to collect electrolytes in Sacramento, and they were ready to do anything to get that ingredient.

Chapter 14

Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Within a month, they had captured 10 fugitives, and one from the Vanessa group, which was a win-win.

In that time, they had a lot of money saving up for a trip to Sacramento, which was $500. They already had enough.

His uncle visited twice a week, and Kevin visited three times a week. They made visits to make sure they were safe, ever since the Anne Vanessa crime.

On their off days, they trained to be a star.

Jackson trained hard to specialize in the spin kick.

Daniel got a plastic weapon, no metal, not like a knife, it was like a toy light saber. He trained to master a side slash.

Graham got some wooden boards to kick on. He could break 4 boards at once.

“I want to go now!”

“Yeah, I think we should go now so we can go quickly.”

“Let’s tell our bosses.”

Chapter 13