Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“It’s all him right now.”

“Do you think he’ll be alright?”

Jackson’s uncle and Kevin were talking about how were they supposed to protect Jackson and his “friend” Daniel if they weren’t safe enough. Apparently, they knew all about Daniel.

“It’s already been one and a half hours since he teleported. Do you think they passed?” Jackson’s uncle asked.

“I think they haven’t yet,” replied Kevin.

“Let’s go there and chase them.”

“That’s a good idea! If we see them anywhere when we pass, they haven’t finished. If we don’t see them, they passed.”

“Got it!”

“We just have to let him walk first, then the others will wait.”

“Correct. Next level is the final level.”

“Yes!” Daniel hollered.

They were almost there to finishing the temple. Very close to the brink, they were almost out. Needing one level to complete it, Jackson sensed something.

“Hey Daniel, I think my uncle is coming.”


“I can sense it. They just finished the first level.”

“We have to go!”

They raced to the final level. However, the door to the outside was dangling open. They tried to get out.


The door shut immediately when they went after it. Right in front of it looked like a riddle.


[note: a code using the Webdings font on Microsoft Word Mobile

“What is this?”

It took them a while to see what they were.

“I got it!” Daniel exclaimed. “The copper is at the Sochi Stadium in a ruined house. There’s a circle that has information about a compass. It’s not there, but if you open another key, there is a shield with a copper ingot in the middle. You can get out easily after that.”

“You are correct.”

“We passed!”

“Let’s get out the door that’s open!”

They went out the door. It didn’t close this time. It was time to rush towards the Sochi Olympics Stadium to get the copper ingot they were waiting for. They went with ease, already in the house, with Daniel.

A circle with info was on there. They opened it twice. The ingot was there!

They went towards the airport to wait.


They landed right next to another kid 11 years old who was not surprised at what just happened. The people around them were surprised, but not him. He was just looking at them desperately. Who was he?

Chapter 7

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