Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Seoul, South Korea

“So, is it really true that the antidote was some thing else?”

“Yes!” the three exclaimed.

“According to the international community’s website, you can find molasses and phosphorus in South Korea,” Graham informed.

“So, where will we start?”

“Phosphorus is easy to find. Korea hates phosphorus. They’ll give it out for free.

Right then they saw a sign saying:

Get Phosphorus for Free!

“Let’s get it!”

They asked for it and they got it. Test after test was placed on the material, and Graham and Kevin concluded that it really was phosphorus (Kevin majored in chemistry.).

“Where is molasses, then?”

“Wait, you don’t know?”

“Yeah, Kevin.”

“Molasses is somewhere in companies and they cost a lot. They’re dangerous to carry around with, especially in airplanes, where the high altitude will put it at a higher chance of exploding.”

“Is there an alternative option to molasses?”

“I don’t think so, Jackson. The molasses can’t be replaced. We’ll just have to buy a thick metal cage around it.”

“Where do they sell it?”

“Around here, at least.”

There was a moment of silence. It became clear on what time it was.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, guys?”


“It’s spy time, guys. Let’s go.”

Chapter 9

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