Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Daejon, South Korea
“This was harder than I expected it to be.”

Daniel was complaining about how being a spy needs practice and trial and error. However, Jackson’s body knew everything about this topic.

“Have it this way, Daniel. You don’t need to do this. This plan I made needs only two people. You hold the teleportation device to teleport us towards the airport,” said Jackson.

“Ok… I guess so..?”

“Got it.”

Graham snuck in the building with the metal cage. He took one easily. He got out and teleported towards the airport. Daniel got back a second later.

Now it was Jackson’s turn. He went into the molasses building. He found a worker, and asked something.

“Would you mind giving me a jar of molasses?”

“Sure. My business doesn’t need it.”

“See you!”

He stormed out of the building and got towards the airport.


“Let’s put this in now.”

It took them a while to figure out how to open the metal cage.

“Umm…. Let’s see, let’s move it diagonally top left, then down…! Yes! I got it!”

“Nice, Graham! You got it!”

“Now, where should we go next?”

A moment of silence. They could not think on where they should go next.

“To the USA!”

“Yeah! Let’s visit home!”

“Let’s go!”

After his uncle and Kevin arrived, they teleported towards the USA. It was quicker, and they landed in his uncle’s house. They all decided it was only time to train.

In fact, they made some trial and error when they first went to the training base in his uncle’s house.

Chapter 10

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