Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Hollywood, CA, USA
“I want a drink!”

“I thought training was mind training, not athletic sprints!”

The boys were training till night at the top of the hills of Hollywood. They trained themselves a bit too hard, let’s say.

“Ok, let’s go to my uncle’s house.”


“Well, well well. I thought you were going to stay there for more.”

“We were so—wait—it’s you!”

“Yes. It is me. Anne Vanessa. Give me the ingredients now, or else.”

“Ok… Ready or not here I KICK!”


Jackson just kicked her in the face. He’s guessing his hard work paid off.


A millisecond later, Daniel came from behind and slapped Anne in the stomach.


Graham stepped on Anne’s leg, which had her dazed and could not stand up. The three picked her up and threw her out side the door.

“Hello? An intruder just invaded our house. Help now! She’s unconscious and in the front door! Help!”

They called the phone off.

“Yeah! Awesome moves! Let’s train more!”
The next day, they went right back to training with iron shields.

Jackson practiced a spin kick. He tried to spin and kick multiple opponents at the end of the day.

Daniel practiced a sequence move. First he faked a punch, then he punched for real.

Graham practiced strength training while lifting 15-kilogram weights.

By the end of that day, Anne Vanessa was on the paper and was looking to spend three months in jail and 5 months staying at home with her family, so her family could not do anything for eight long months. They decided to train for two more months.

They had a long way to go to being well-feared assault Rangers, but they were close.

Chapter 11

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