Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Richmond, Virginia

“I’m worried about my son, you know that?”

“Yes, I do know, my sister. But he is the only hope. If he can’t accomplish anything, the world will end before you know it.”

“But how am I supposed to know that my precious Jackson is safe?”

Jackson’s mother was talking to his brother, or Jackson’s uncle about the risks about having three 11 year old kids trying to get ingredients for some “potion,” as his mother said.

“Apparently, I can arrange that your son will be completely safe.”

“I guess.”
“Hey, you think I’m too young to fight? Think again!”




All three kids were hired in their third day of training camp for being an assault agent for a police station.

They each earned $100 dollars an hour training. They told them that this was only partial and the job contract was only for two months.


“Yes! Hey, guys, he’s unconscious!”

“You can come in now!”

Daniel and Graham knocked down a criminal, while Jackson was the backup assault, and alarmed the officers to go in and pick up the robber.

After they arrived, they all earned $1,000 together for picking up the fugitive, and in all they earned $2200, $1200 from regular work hours.

“Man, at least we have tomorrow off.”

“Me and Graham don’t.”

“Oh well. I guess I’ll research on where the ingredients are.”

By the end of the next day, Daniel knew were the electrolytes and obsidian was. He knew where to go, too.

“Guys, this is where we need to go. We need to go to California for electrolytes and then to Russia again for obsidian.”

“Ok! Here’s our money we got. Put it in the electronic safe.”

The electronic safe was a small safe that fit anything. It had no capacity. You just told it what you needed and it would get you it in the safe.

“Good, now this day is finished.”

Chapter 12

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