Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Within a month, they had captured 10 fugitives, and one from the Vanessa group, which was a win-win.

In that time, they had a lot of money saving up for a trip to Sacramento, which was $500. They already had enough.

His uncle visited twice a week, and Kevin visited three times a week. They made visits to make sure they were safe, ever since the Anne Vanessa crime.

On their off days, they trained to be a star.

Jackson trained hard to specialize in the spin kick.

Daniel got a plastic weapon, no metal, not like a knife, it was like a toy light saber. He trained to master a side slash.

Graham got some wooden boards to kick on. He could break 4 boards at once.

“I want to go now!”

“Yeah, I think we should go now so we can go quickly.”

“Let’s tell our bosses.”

Chapter 13

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