Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Sacramento, CA

“Where do you get those?”

“You mean these electrolytes?”


“You get them at… Oh, come on… I can’t even remember.”

“Oh, well. Thanks, though.”

Jackson asked a household on where they got their electrolytes. Apparently the whole city has one.

“Guys, I found a good candidate. This person found some in the nearest Gatorade store!”

“Ok, that is good info. Let’s go!”


When they arrived, they saw it was on sale for $10 per pint.

They took two pints, or a quart, for the formula.


They landed in Sochi, Russia. They were 30 miles away from the unknown location, out of the range of his device. So, they had to walk 10 miles towards the location to land closer towards the location that would bring them the last ingredient of the serum.

Chapter 15

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