Chapter 16

Somewhere in New York

“Really, do we have to wait this long?”

“Yes. It’s really weird, but yes.”

Apparently, their teleportation device put them in a random place. Now they had to wait for a long week to get on a plane to their location again. They decided their teleportation device needed a break from being used.

“It’s never failed us before,” said Graham. “Why does it happen now, in the most important moment right now?”

“I agree, Jackson. What’s wrong with your device? Is it babyish?”


“It’s me! An agent of the VFA!”




Jackson and Graham exchanged punches and kicks on the VFA agent.



The agent fell face flat on the floor, unconscious to the moment. They went towards their hotel and with arms slipping like noodles, their legs fell helplessly onto the bed and to sleep.


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