Chapter 17

Chapter 17




“Really, are you that dumb, police? They invaded our house, you know!”


Jackson was shouting at the paper he was reading. The front cover told him all he needed. It made the paper look like nothing, as he ripped it to pieces.


“Wake up, I have to tell you something!”


“Really?” said Daniel, “did you have to wake me up when I had a perfect plan?”


“Unnngh!” groaned Graham. “It’s 5 in the morning, you know. I’m really tired!”


“Well, I have some angering news for you. Anne Vanessa got released early! We have to get out of here!”


“Whatever you say,” Daniel answered. “We might not be able to get through, though.”


“Well, they might find us anyway,” replied Graham. “I agree, we’ll have to teleport!”






Obsidian scattered throughout the ground. There might be a chance to get the antidote before she even arrived to this place in Russia!


“Well, I’ve done all the tests I could do, and it is pure obsidian,” said Graham. “Let’s mix it up!”








They had hit the wall of the entrance to his uncle’s house.


“You’re here!”


“Yes, uncle. We have all the ingredients. Now we have to mix it very carefully,” exclaimed Jackson. “Graham?”


No response from Graham.


“Graham?” he hollered louder.


They had made a conclusion that he wasn’t here. But why? There was a piece missing in this case.

Chapter 17

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