Chapter 18

Chapter 18


“Yell all you want. It’s all over for you now, my friend! Haha!”

When Graham teleported toward the wall of the house, he accidentally hit the “right” button on his controller to go right. He landed in the Vanessa’s house, trapped.



“Oof!” Anne groaned.

Graham thought, “I have to get out here now, or else my life is over, and I’m too young to die!”

He broke a window and sprinted out to the distance. He still had the remote and teleported towards the house.

Still horrified at what happened, he burst through the door and screamed.

“Whoa! Where’d you come from? I thought we lost you!” hollered Jackson.

“I just had the worst sight of my life! I don’t think I can make it…”

He fell towards the ground, sleeping. They could hear him snoring. They decided to leave him alone until the next day.

Chapter 18

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