San Francisco, CA

“There’s only one option now! Mwahahahah!”

Anne Vanessa had the best plan ever.

She would think this would overwhelm one of the three super-fighters, causing an outlasting break, to give her time for the antidote, and the healing of her relatives, and the richest in the world!

In fact, her plan was to kill Jackson’s mother and father.

“Now it is time! March now, towards Virginia!” she announced.

Nobody would know, wouldn’t they? They would have to figure out.


“You will arrive at 12:00 PM! Please drive safely!”

“Scoobidy-whop! De-bob, boom-bop! It’s time to goooooooo the waaaaaaay!”

Who would know what would happen next? Would they get away with the murder? Or would they be arrested for the second time in the year?

They would really have to find out.


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