Chapter 9

That same night, another robber, more lethal, came to the house. Daniel recorded that it took 17 minutes, 54 seconds, and 7 milliseconds to catch him (He knew because of the sound of the “Oof!”). The police came exactly 5 minutes later, then left a minute after. He wished he could stay up late so he could face the loud noises himself.

Daniel made up his mind and he decided to ask Kevin.

“Sure, then, but go to your room and sleep more in the late morning to evening period,” he said.

He went up to bed and woke up several times for a snack, and finally he went down.

Nobody had noticed him go down, not even Jackson, who sensed things very easily.

They were having a tough time defeating the villain robber, meanwhile.

Both were tired, until the robber ran up towards the stairs. He had a chance he went for a punch, then…


Daniel punched the robber in the nose, whil blood poured out on his face.



Chapter 8

Daniel woke up the next day very tired.

He had woken up 10 times throughout the night for noisy sounds. Nobody had told him the game plan, but he knew it. Jackson and Graham would wake up at night and patrol the grounds. It was very noisy, especially when the police came with their horns, or whatever they called them. They knocked on the door so hard that it seemed like it was the FBI coming in instead.

The next day he didn’t see Jackson and Graham. Of course, he knew the reasons.

“Hey, Daniel, I know you’re not used to it but–”

“I know,” Daniel interrupted.

“Wait–you know the plan?”

“Sure I do. It was so noisy last night. I could notice from the second floor!”

“Well, then, never mind.”

Kevin and Jackson’s uncle were paying Graham’s medical bill off for the high fever and faint. They were down to the last hundred dollars of the $5000 pay.

They were achieving the impossible that they thought it was not possible.



Chapter 7

After the next day, they knew they had succeeded.

They saw the Vanessas walking on the sidewalk, every hour. Kevin saw them asking someone for money. All was well, all was bright, as in Silent Night.

But something was wrong. There were robbers coming every week or so. They lost money. Everything was awkward.

“Man, we’re going to be poor, too,” Daniel said.

“Yeah,” Jackson replied. “I think there’s something wrong with us and this household.”

After the conversation, the trio decided to look it up. They had realized there were still Vanessas out there. They had not effected their other relatives, or any of their cousins, who were the robbers.

So then, Jackson and Graham slept in the day, and woke up in the night. They turned on the lights to the living room and the kitchen. Nothing was there.

But then, they sensed a movement through the living room and the kitchen.

Then, the robber was right in front of him!



Jackson kicked the robber right in the face, and down she went.

“Hello? Hey, I have a problem. A robber is right next to me. He is unconscious, but I need you right now!”

The police came at 1 in the morning, just 30 minutes after she fell.


“See you later!”

So now, they had more to take down to bring peace to the household.



Chapter 6

That night, Graham and Daniel had trouble sleeping. They had questions about them and themselves. Were they  related? Could they beat a mature and strong woman? Did they have the skills to clinch an accomplishment that seemed impossible?

But, Jackson had other thoughts.

He thought that the trio would succeed with effort and hard work. With belief and hope, he knew that he would succeed. In his dream, he heard the great prophet Fawkes who had thought to be real say:

Three clever people close the door 

To the rich and the poor

As the sole power pressures the sword of the rich

The sword of the poor beats the rich but

The fading of the rich breaks the plug

To no happiness and all sadness in jugs.

The next day, they decided how they were going to disguise the serum antidote.

“Wait,” Jackson shouted. “If we can put in of red food dye, we could make it punch or Kool-aid!”

“Perfect! Let’s put it in. It is time to send it.”

They put it in their mailbox with the Vanessa’s address on it, and a wrong address on Jackson’s address. It was perfect for them and their plans.



Chapter 5

Graham had moments as an orphan when he was a baby, all the way to the fifth grade. He remembered his fabulous teacher, who always pushed him to do his best. She taught science and chemistry so well in the fifth grade, that, he could memorize more scientific facts than the below-average scientist.

But he had a mission to carry out. Graham had to complete the great feat of bringing the fate of the family towards the side of Jackson’s, not Madeline’s. with experience and ability to finish the hunt once and for all.

The next day, the trio were ready to mix the serum.

“Let’s mix it up,” Graham announced. “According to my old checklist of steps, we must put the obsidian first. Go ahead, put it in.”

Daniel and Jackson, full of leisure, puts the obsidian in the first bottle. “Next,” Graham replied, “we put the electrolytes and the molasses in a separate bottle.”

“Okay,” Jackson responded.

“Mix both formulas in the bottle.”

“Let’s do this,” Daniel responded.

“Put the graphite and the water together in a separate bottle. Wait, no, put the water first then the graphite.”

“Phew! That was close,” Jackson whispered.

“Put the phosphorus in a different bottle first, then combine it with water and copper.”


“Next, put the first bottle in the third bottle.”

“Finally, put the second bottle in the third bottle,” Graham announced.

“Yes! We’re done! Finally, we can relax,” said Jackson.

They only had to send the serum now.



Chapter 4

“The cost is $2,000.”

Kevin went to the hospital and would try to pay this huge money at once. The only problem was that they didn’t have this much money.

He thought, I hope I can pay this off within five short months.

Kevin seemed desperate for money, so he went to work for Amazon as a stocks manager. He earned $500 per hour.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Jackson was at home resting. They had a good 12-hour sleep, so they could wake up for the next day.

Jackson’s body shuddered and jerked when he had woken up, in the middle of the ninth hour of the day. July was coming to an end, and school was on the brink of starting. What would Jackson and Daniel do with the Robotics Club and the Chess Club they did?

Graham also was worried about the same topic with more trouble to face. Could he make new friends at his new school?

As Graham exited the hospital, he was ready to mix the serum again and send it to the Vanessas. Now with renewed confidence and will, he knew he was going to do it all after this.

He thought of his friends in the back of the pack. He couldn’t back down from this challenge now.



Chapter 3

Jackson stood as the fighter for the boxing match. He was training with the robot he and Daniel had built with boxing. It was a fun experience and a relationship booster for both of them when stress was at its highest.

The next day, the crew decided to go to Niagara Falls at Buffalo, New York to relax and have time to relax.

Daniel was amazed at what he had seen so far.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed. “The mist is humongous!”

Jackson ate the delicious ice cream at the concession stands while Daniel watched the falls.

“This is delicious!” he proclaimed. “I can’t top it with any other ice cream stand in the country!”

They had a wonderful time at Niagara. How else would it be?

Kevin and Jackson’s uncle were getting ready to use the serum they made themselves.

“We can’t find their money they earned! Where did they put it?”

“Maybe right here, Kevin?”

“Darn! I should’ve known it was there! Tyler, now I have to say you’re smarter than me.”

“Don’t worry. It takes effort.”