Breakout Chapter 1


Sequel to Far Away Home

Sean Oh

Chapter 1

7/1, in Los Angeles

“I was in a room, full of weird patterns. I used my portable GPS to see where I was. I was in San Francisco, in empty land. Once I moved, I was chased by Madeline, all the way to a dead end, till I used the teleportation remote, towards the house. Well, I’m lucky to be alive… My head hurts!”

Graham could finally relax.

He was scared out of his mind, chased, intimidated, and jacked by the Vanessas.

The Vanessas were a group of people trying to get an antidote to heal the wounds of the second class to grab first class economy. However, Jackson, Daniel, and Graham, a smart and strong group, had stopped their very strong brick wall of assassins, soldiers, and MMA fighters.

But what was Jackson doing, mourning in his bed? Furthermore, what was Graham doing now, mixing up the formula with his weakest?

“They’ve killed my mother. Now, she’s out of my sight, nowhere, till I die too. Now, what dohave to do?” shuddered Jackson.

Meanwhile, downstairs, a thud happened.

“Whoa! It’ll spill!”

Time slowed down, which looked like a couple of seconds were a couple of minutes, until Kevin, diving or it, caught the serum, right at his hands.

At the same time, Graham fainted.

Kevin hollered to Jackson’s uncle, “Tyler! Take Graham to the hospital, ER, whatever you can do!”

Daniel had freaked out, which would have been the typical thing that an eleven-year old would do in this situation.

He could not imagine anything else could get worse for the trio. He deeply thought through it, and now he could think of 1,000,000 things that could make it worse.

Can they recover?

Breakout Chapter 1

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