Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Once Graham reached the hospital, the doctors shuddered in fear, looking like a two year old shuddering in surprise. 
 “He has a fever. One hundred three degrees is a mighty one. The only thing we can do is to feed him medicine.”
Jackson’s uncle left him at the hospital and headed home.
“I’ve got news,” he said.
Daniel replied, “No! It can’t be bad. More?”
“Graham is going to stay at the hospital for a week to recover from fainting and a bad fever.”
“Oh, well. I’ll program a robot in the basement.
Daniel loved programming. If it weren’t for the compromise from the police station to stay working at 13 for them, he would be a video game producer and become rich overnight.
But Jackson went down to the living room to eat a light lunch.
“Hey! You’ve finally come down, huh?”
“Yep. I’m okay,” Jackson said.
“Daniel went to the basement to program a robot. Would you like to join him?”
Jackson also loved coding. He wanted to become a website creator when he grew up.
Everything was okay now, and it got better. It made the household feel a bit better.

Chapter 2

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