Chapter 3

Jackson stood as the fighter for the boxing match. He was training with the robot he and Daniel had built with boxing. It was a fun experience and a relationship booster for both of them when stress was at its highest.

The next day, the crew decided to go to Niagara Falls at Buffalo, New York to relax and have time to relax.

Daniel was amazed at what he had seen so far.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed. “The mist is humongous!”

Jackson ate the delicious ice cream at the concession stands while Daniel watched the falls.

“This is delicious!” he proclaimed. “I can’t top it with any other ice cream stand in the country!”

They had a wonderful time at Niagara. How else would it be?

Kevin and Jackson’s uncle were getting ready to use the serum they made themselves.

“We can’t find their money they earned! Where did they put it?”

“Maybe right here, Kevin?”

“Darn! I should’ve known it was there! Tyler, now I have to say you’re smarter than me.”

“Don’t worry. It takes effort.”


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