Chapter 4

“The cost is $2,000.”

Kevin went to the hospital and would try to pay this huge money at once. The only problem was that they didn’t have this much money.

He thought, I hope I can pay this off within five short months.

Kevin seemed desperate for money, so he went to work for Amazon as a stocks manager. He earned $500 per hour.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Jackson was at home resting. They had a good 12-hour sleep, so they could wake up for the next day.

Jackson’s body shuddered and jerked when he had woken up, in the middle of the ninth hour of the day. July was coming to an end, and school was on the brink of starting. What would Jackson and Daniel do with the Robotics Club and the Chess Club they did?

Graham also was worried about the same topic with more trouble to face. Could he make new friends at his new school?

As Graham exited the hospital, he was ready to mix the serum again and send it to the Vanessas. Now with renewed confidence and will, he knew he was going to do it all after this.

He thought of his friends in the back of the pack. He couldn’t back down from this challenge now.


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