Chapter 5

Graham had moments as an orphan when he was a baby, all the way to the fifth grade. He remembered his fabulous teacher, who always pushed him to do his best. She taught science and chemistry so well in the fifth grade, that, he could memorize more scientific facts than the below-average scientist.

But he had a mission to carry out. Graham had to complete the great feat of bringing the fate of the family towards the side of Jackson’s, not Madeline’s. with experience and ability to finish the hunt once and for all.

The next day, the trio were ready to mix the serum.

“Let’s mix it up,” Graham announced. “According to my old checklist of steps, we must put the obsidian first. Go ahead, put it in.”

Daniel and Jackson, full of leisure, puts the obsidian in the first bottle. “Next,” Graham replied, “we put the electrolytes and the molasses in a separate bottle.”

“Okay,” Jackson responded.

“Mix both formulas in the bottle.”

“Let’s do this,” Daniel responded.

“Put the graphite and the water together in a separate bottle. Wait, no, put the water first then the graphite.”

“Phew! That was close,” Jackson whispered.

“Put the phosphorus in a different bottle first, then combine it with water and copper.”


“Next, put the first bottle in the third bottle.”

“Finally, put the second bottle in the third bottle,” Graham announced.

“Yes! We’re done! Finally, we can relax,” said Jackson.

They only had to send the serum now.


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