Chapter 6

That night, Graham and Daniel had trouble sleeping. They had questions about them and themselves. Were they  related? Could they beat a mature and strong woman? Did they have the skills to clinch an accomplishment that seemed impossible?

But, Jackson had other thoughts.

He thought that the trio would succeed with effort and hard work. With belief and hope, he knew that he would succeed. In his dream, he heard the great prophet Fawkes who had thought to be real say:

Three clever people close the door 

To the rich and the poor

As the sole power pressures the sword of the rich

The sword of the poor beats the rich but

The fading of the rich breaks the plug

To no happiness and all sadness in jugs.

The next day, they decided how they were going to disguise the serum antidote.

“Wait,” Jackson shouted. “If we can put in of red food dye, we could make it punch or Kool-aid!”

“Perfect! Let’s put it in. It is time to send it.”

They put it in their mailbox with the Vanessa’s address on it, and a wrong address on Jackson’s address. It was perfect for them and their plans.


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