Chapter 7

After the next day, they knew they had succeeded.

They saw the Vanessas walking on the sidewalk, every hour. Kevin saw them asking someone for money. All was well, all was bright, as in Silent Night.

But something was wrong. There were robbers coming every week or so. They lost money. Everything was awkward.

“Man, we’re going to be poor, too,” Daniel said.

“Yeah,” Jackson replied. “I think there’s something wrong with us and this household.”

After the conversation, the trio decided to look it up. They had realized there were still Vanessas out there. They had not effected their other relatives, or any of their cousins, who were the robbers.

So then, Jackson and Graham slept in the day, and woke up in the night. They turned on the lights to the living room and the kitchen. Nothing was there.

But then, they sensed a movement through the living room and the kitchen.

Then, the robber was right in front of him!



Jackson kicked the robber right in the face, and down she went.

“Hello? Hey, I have a problem. A robber is right next to me. He is unconscious, but I need you right now!”

The police came at 1 in the morning, just 30 minutes after she fell.


“See you later!”

So now, they had more to take down to bring peace to the household.


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