Chapter 8

Daniel woke up the next day very tired.

He had woken up 10 times throughout the night for noisy sounds. Nobody had told him the game plan, but he knew it. Jackson and Graham would wake up at night and patrol the grounds. It was very noisy, especially when the police came with their horns, or whatever they called them. They knocked on the door so hard that it seemed like it was the FBI coming in instead.

The next day he didn’t see Jackson and Graham. Of course, he knew the reasons.

“Hey, Daniel, I know you’re not used to it but–”

“I know,” Daniel interrupted.

“Wait–you know the plan?”

“Sure I do. It was so noisy last night. I could notice from the second floor!”

“Well, then, never mind.”

Kevin and Jackson’s uncle were paying Graham’s medical bill off for the high fever and faint. They were down to the last hundred dollars of the $5000 pay.

They were achieving the impossible that they thought it was not possible.


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