Chapter 9

That same night, another robber, more lethal, came to the house. Daniel recorded that it took 17 minutes, 54 seconds, and 7 milliseconds to catch him (He knew because of the sound of the “Oof!”). The police came exactly 5 minutes later, then left a minute after. He wished he could stay up late so he could face the loud noises himself.

Daniel made up his mind and he decided to ask Kevin.

“Sure, then, but go to your room and sleep more in the late morning to evening period,” he said.

He went up to bed and woke up several times for a snack, and finally he went down.

Nobody had noticed him go down, not even Jackson, who sensed things very easily.

They were having a tough time defeating the villain robber, meanwhile.

Both were tired, until the robber ran up towards the stairs. He had a chance he went for a punch, then…


Daniel punched the robber in the nose, whil blood poured out on his face.


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