Chapter 10

“What happened? Wait-you’re awake-but how?”

“I was tired of hearing the ‘clash’ and the ‘clang’. I slept in the afternoon, to preserve energy. Now, get the police and I’ll do my business!”

As planned, Jackson quickly and quietly got the phone and pushed 9-1-1. Graham and Daniel inserted a pill to increase unconsciousness. Twenty minutes passed by before, once again, the police came.

“Why are all these robbers coming to your house?” the police officer asked.

“These are poor people trying to get luxury back to their poor side,” Graham replied.

The next day, Kevin was having a difficult time getting money. He hadn’t been promoted in a month which was very low, for a person with an IQ of 194. He needed to sell more for Amazon. Everyone was thinking they were being run over by eBay. What should he do? He decided to rely on the old uncle.

“Hey, Tyler, I’m having trouble in business,” said Kevin.

Jackson’s uncle was even smarter than Kevin. He had an IQ of 201.

“I suppose you should find it yourself.” he replied. “After all, this is you we’re talking about.”

There was no arguing with a person who was smarter than him. He decided to think on this.

On the other hand, on the other side of the country, a salutation to an inspirational family member was made.


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