Chapter 11

“I’ll have to go. My mother’s funeral is soon. I’ll be back tomorrow, so keep your good work. Good luck!”

“Okay, Jackson. We’ll protect this house!”

Daniel and Graham were saying goodbye to Jackson, because of a funeral for her mother. He needed to be there so he could remember her forever. As they said goodbye, Graham was thinking what to do.

But, Kevin had other ideas.

“Guys, can you help me with a project for work I’m doing? I need to get some cardboard boxes that have a volume bigger than 200 cubic centimeters. There might be some in your rooms.”

“Okay,” they both answered.

They found some boxes with 250, 400, 300, and 500 cubic centimeter boxes. They brought the boxes down to the living room where Kevin was.

“Thanks. I’ll need them later.”

Later, Daniel went down to program a training robot. Graham was waiting to punch and kick it. He liked to kick.



“Watch out!”


The robot’s electrical system broke.


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