Chapter 12

“Not again! Plus, you made it ten times worse than last time.”

The robot’s electrical microprocessor malfunctioned, and it caused a minor fire. Luckily, Daniel and Graham had a fire extinguisher right behind them. Daniel picked it up and sprayed it onto the fire.


Afterwards, they went up the stairs and saw Kevin filling his boxes, looking to move things somewhere.

“Where are you taking your bed?” Graham asked.

“I’m taking it to my office in the Amazon business building,” Kevin replied. “After all, I need to get money and a promotion.”

“Well, we’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, take care, kids! Make sure you tell Jackson’s uncle!”

They slept for the rest of the afternoon, hoping that Jackson would enter the door. He didn’t come, but told them he would be back by 8 o’clock. They woke up at that time.

“Hey! How’s it going here!”

“Whoa!” Daniel puffed, running up to the door, almost facing nose to nose.

“Okay, Jackson, get dressed, and we’ll start hunting people.”


Graham had already seen the criminal, slapping him in his sleep, now that Jackson had entered the living room.

He fell off of bed and Graham started to stomp on him. It was identical to walking for him. By fifteen minutes, he called the phone, the police came as usual, and away they went. This was another exhausting day.


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